Presence is everything


The first impression of people has way more value than you actually think.

Did you know that people form their opinion about you or your business within the first 2 seconds of meeting you?


Dressing up according to the occasion sounds more than logical for the most of us, you won’t wear the same outfit at work then you do in the gym…
Well, the same counts for the visual presentation of your business, whether it is a shop window, your logo or website, the first 2 seconds are key to hook your client.

“2 seconds are needed for someone to form their opinion”


If you have the feeling your business is stagnated and you have a hard time attracting new customers even though you have publicity campaigns running. Then maybe it is time to freshen up the way your company or shop is visually presented towards the world.
Sounds like a time-consuming and costly undertaking, doesn’t it?
dsgn99 is the agency that offers you the all-in-one solution, thanks to our unique workflow.
We analyze where improvements can be implemented, we take a look at your budget, we make the planning, we have our in-house pool of talents, we follow up and deliver.
No need for you to contact a graphic designer, a Google specialist, an event planner, a web designer, a designer for your shop windows, yes we even can deliver measure made furniture for your shop thanks to our partner Cubik design solutions.
Thanks to the centralization of all these services, you not only save a huge amount of time but cut down the cost significantly as we can cut out the middleman and made sure we get the best prices from our external suppliers.
No dream is impossible.
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